At home spa experience

With new products from Spinster Sisters Co!

Set aside some time for yourself. Draw a hot bath and sprinkle in Spinster Sisters Bath Soak (choose between Butta’Milk, Eczma Relief, and Himalayan Salt Soaks). Light one or more of their Soy Lotion Candles, and play some meditative music. Be sure to have your scrub within arm’s reach of the tub.

Set an intention before entering the bath. Something that you will attain after you release the things in your life that are no longer serving you, and enter the bath with the aim of washing them away. Step in and soak up natural ingredients that will replenish, restore, and moisturize your skin. Take deep breaths; enjoy the mixture of natural, aromatic scents that fill the room, listen to meditative sounds, fully experience this time for you.

When you are ready, take your Spinster Sisters Sugar Scrub and exfoliate from the neck down, gently scrubbing away the stresses from your life. Cleanse away the negative energies that adhere to your soul and body. Once complete - rise from your bath anew, and dry off.

The Soy Lotion Candles burn at the perfect temperature to use on your skin. Blow them out, and moisturize with this warm body lotion to lock in all the nourishment absorbed from both scrub and soak. As you apply the lotion, re-state your intention from this new space of clarity and renewal. Honor this time by moving forward from your purpose, and complete the experience by thanking your body.