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What to know about online booking

Services and times available 

The online booking system only allows OPTIMAL appointment times and most popular services to be booked.

Please note! If you don’t see the time, service, or therapist you are looking for, please call our front desk at 973-627-3455 x 0 for further assistance.

Appointment booking timeline

Online appointments are available to be booked approximately  1 to 2 months in advance, if you are looking to book beyond that please call 973-627-3455 x0 to book a service.

minor policy

Our minors policy requires that all persons under the age of 18 must have our Minor Consent Form AND Intake Form filled out and signed by a parent/guardian.

• The parent/guardian must be in the room for all persons age 15 and younger.

• For ages 16-17 the parent may initial to waive being in the room during the treatment but must remain in the spa/store for the entire service.

• No one under 18 is allowed in spa unless receiving a service.

specific therapist request

When choosing a specific therapist for your service,  you may view more details about their schedule by clicking on their icon (with the green triangle in the corner) found on therapist option page.  

Please note: if you book a service without initially requesting a 'specific therapist' then your service may be moved to any therapist of the same gender prior to your service time. 

If you are having difficulties finding an appointment with your therapist of choice, please give us a call for further assistance. 973-627-3455 x0

We look forward to seeing you online!!