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Denise Saracco-Zoppi • Shamanic Harmony Fusion

August 13 & 27, 2019

An inspired fusion of gentle massage + reiki + shamanic healing treatments + meridian and chakra re-alignment, Master Massage Therapist and Shaman Denise expertly blends multiple healing modalities to create perfect harmony in her clients’ body heart mind and spirit.

Shamanic healing treatments may include: rose water healing therapy, aura cleansing with fresh herbs and a whole egg, Tibetan Singing Bowl sound medicine, rattle doctoring, medicine songs, and more. Whether your disharmony resides in your body, heart, mind, or spirit, Denise designs an inspired customized healing experience for her clients.

45 min | $100

100 min | $195


“I had been suffering with relapsing-remitting MS and fibromyalgia for over 15 years and had to get regular massages just to get through my very difficult days and maintain quality of life. I was also on enormous amounts of medications to treat these issues as well. I was simply seeking yet another massage session to help manage my chronic muscle spasms and nerve pain that never seemed to cease. The universe had something else in mind. It decided it was finally time for me to begin to heal and not just manage my pain. Denise does just that. She provides a safe, loving and nurturing environment that supports growth in healing. Her gifts and treatments go beyond simply providing relief from pain or just a relaxing and pampering session, they work in collaboration with your own body’s ability to heal itself. I have now been going to Denise for about three years; I am off ½ of my medications and am often pain free. My quality of life has improved and so has my outlook on life. She heals me mind, body and soul.” -- Isabel R.

“A full 100 minutes per month, for me, has cleared my RLS; makes me a happier person for longer periods of time and I have the inner strength to wade through the puddles that life brings me with peace and calm!!!! I look forward to my monthly sessions with Denise because I trust that she is given Divine medicine through the Sacred that is delivered to me in perfect harmony each and every month!!! I trust Denise entirely and look forward to seeing her again and again.” – Kim Maly

“The universe gave me Denise when I didn’t even realize I needed her. And when I did need her she gave herself to me with a loving heart and open arms. Sometimes, in life we are fortunate enough to realize we are being given a gift; Denise is my gift. With Denise I have found truth, healing and most importantly inner peace. To say Denise changed my life would be an understatement and an insult to her abilities. What Denise did was give me back me.” – S.N.


Denise Saracco-Zoppi: Medicine Woman, Shaman, Reiki Master, Empowerment Coach, Author, Ordained Minister, LMT, CMLDT

In 1982, Denise was called by the Sacred to help the People to heal body heart mind and spirit. She suffered herself from Grand Mal seizures, depression, anxiety, as well as a host of other physical ailments. She had to heal herself before she could follow the call to help the People.

Denise discovered that healing isn’t something that someone does FOR you, it’s an environment created within and around the client to stir their own innate healing from their own sacred self.

Since 2006, Denise has treated hundreds of clients successfully with Divine intervention from the Sacred. She has witnessed the power of Love and its ability to heal any affliction, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. In 2018, Denise authored her first book, “Walking With The Sacred” to help others connect with the Divine in authentic ways and engage in simple ceremonies to bring healing and wholeness back into their lives.