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Bill Bradley • Clairvoyance Readings

October 24, 2019

Bill Bradley is a Psychic Medium who receives guidance, images and messages during his sessions. They assist as he attempts to remove the ‘mini-movies’ of energy he sees with startling clarity along with specific detailed information. Bill uses his Clairvoyance to read the energy of an illness, relationships, an outcome, a job offer or other life events etc. Bill has studied the Psychic arts and Mediumship for the past 13 years, was written up for an article on Healers in the Wall Street Journal and has a successful corporate career.  

60 min | $175

Time: 3:30pm - 9:00pm

You are welcome to record your sessions with Bill to retain all the information he will share with you. 

Book online or Call 973.627.3455 x0 to book your appointment!


"Amazing Results! My appointment was one month ago. Friends and family are asking me my secret. Didn't understand what they meant until yesterday, a co-worker asked if I had just returned from a vacation, stating, "You look relaxed, radiant, and lighter". I agree. Enjoying a brighter outlook on life. I'm not new to energy work, yet after experiencing Bill's unique energy clearing techniques, these are the most profound changes ever. Next time I'm booking a 90 minute session. Thank you Bill."
~ Janet - Netcong, NJ

"I met with Bill twice during an extremely difficult time of transition. He felt like an old friend, yet at the same time he managed to be the utmost professional! The experience with Bill was safe, comfortable and incredibly accurate. I have recommended him to many friends and I cannot wait to meet with him again!"
~ Deborah Sullivan
Psychology & Education

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