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Doris Snyder • Dream Interpretation

June 18, 2019

What are your dreams trying to tell you?

Dreams are symbolic messages of insight and advice sent by your unconscious mind to get your attention. In this affirming service, Doris will show you how to decode the kaleidoscope of images and language of your dreams and unlock the spirit of truth inside them. With her gentle guidance, Doris can help you to build a bridge between your dreams and your purpose and passion, heal deep wounds, and open the door to wholeness and a deeper understanding of yourself.

30 minute |  $65

Book online or call 973.627.3455 to make an appointment!

About: Doris Snyder

Doris is a certified Dream leader, author of Numbers in Dreams, healer and soul coach.  She has led workshops on Dreams at the annual IASD/ International Association for the Study of Dreams Conference and the Annual Dream & Spirituality Conference at the Kanuga Center. 

Later Event: June 25
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