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Anna Lynette • Soul Readings

Soul Messages   

Anna Lynette Kelly is a healer, psychic medium, and channel. One of her unique ways of sharing with clients is called Soul Messages. Through a process shown to her by Spirit, she channels direct communication from the Higher Self, the client’s Soul and Essence, and Divine Consciousness. The channeled wisdom combines with psychic insight to assist the client in attaining greater life clarity and holistic understanding of the self. Soul Messages look at challenges, barriers and gifts in one’s relationships and life choices and how to better position oneself towards higher life potentials. A reading addresses where you are currently and offers opportunities for healing, release, growth and greater life fulfillment.

60 mins | $160  

Soul Work

For many years, Anna Lynette has also been providing a life-altering process called Soul Work. This process focuses the client toward the witness of the Divine in the everyday experience by releasing limiting beliefs, healing relationships and agreements in all lifetimes and ancestrally, and in guiding the client to create their individual desires with conscious direction. Soul Work is offered in a package of four weekly or bi-weekly spaced sessions; each session is two hours long. The in-person session is highly experiential and requires ‘homework’ to maximize the onsite benefit.  Package of 4 is $320 per-session for the first 3 and $200 for the 4th session. 

2  hours | $320

Call us at 973-627-3455 x0 to book an appointment

|Anna Lynette Kelly |

She is a formally trained healer, psychic medium, and conscious channel of Divine wisdom who has been offering services since 2006. She facilitates workshops, classes, and individual
sessions that aim to strengthen the connection of the material with
the spiritual. 

Ultimately, her passion is to reconnect people and their everyday experience with the Divine and to spread Light to the world by empowering others.


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