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Natural Energetic Healing & Angel Readings

Natural Energetic Healing 

The body's natural state is one of health and balance. When we become stressed or unbalanced we feel drained, run down or sick. This healing session is designed to help you regain the body's natural state of health. The session incorporates Reiki, touch therapy, spiritual guidance, and Chakra balancing with crystals.  Come wearing loose clothing and any intention you want to invite.

60 mins | $85  •  90 mins | $115

Angel Readings  

Intuitive Guidance from your Angels! Denise Joy, our Angelic Practitioner, selects angel cards to help you connect with your personal angel.  She also interprets the cards to bring you messages from the angelic realm.  This process offers confirmation that we are not alone in this world and the angels are always there to support us.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
6:00pm 8:30pm
30 min - $55 • 60 min - $90

Call us at 973-627-3455 x0 to book an appointment

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