Loyalty Program

We know that YOU are the most important person in our business. That is why it is our pleasure to reward you for your loyalty in a very real way. The Urban Muse is now offering Muse Points as part of our new Loyalty Rewards program.


What are Muse Points?

Muse Points are presented as a courtesy to all of our clients. You’ll earn them for each service you enjoy and each product you purchase; you’ll even earn bonus points for doing easy things like booking your next appointment at check out or referring a friend to The Urban Muse.

What are Muse Points good for?

Muse Points can be redeemed for gift cards, retail products, spa services, or a credit to your spa account. 

How do I get started?

Just book an appointment. All Urban Muse clients are automatically enrolled in the program and are already earning points.

Earning Muse Points

Here’s how you earn points:

10 Muse Points for every $1 spent (in store or online) on gift cards.

100 Muse Points for every $1 spent (in store or online) on selected services, products, series, or memberships.

5,000 Muse Points for pre-booking your next appointment at the time of checkout.

20,000 Muse Points for referring a new client who has not visited The Urban Muse before.

For every 15,000 points you accumulate, you will receive a $10 gift card! 


Redeeming Muse Points

Your point total will be listed at the bottom of your Urban Muse receipt. Once you’ve earned 30,000 Muse Points, you are welcome to start redeeming. Please alert a Retail Associate you would like to spend your Muse Points and they will issue you a gift card or instant credit on applicable products and services.


Are Muse Points redeemable for cash?

No. Muse Points are not redeemable for cash.

Are Muse Points transferrable?

No. Muse Points are non-transferrable, however you may purchase a gift card with your points that may be given to a friend.

When are my points awarded?

Points will be awarded at the time of check out. For example, if you refer a friend you will get your points when he/she checks out at the spa. If you pre-book an appointment, you will earn those points when you check out of that appointment, not when you book, etc.

What about double points?

No double dipping, no double points! You will not earn points on a purchase if you buy yourself a gift card (earning points) and use it on said purchase. If we suspect abuse of the program, we reserve the right to terminate your Muse Points enrollment.

Are Muse Points redeemable for absolutely anything and everything?

No. Muse Points may not be valid with some special offers, sale items or special purchases. 

I have a third party gift certificate (such as Spa Finder), will I earn points when I use it to purchase goods and services?

No. You may not earn points on goods and services purchased with third party gift certificates or tender.

I love earning a bonus gift when I purchase gift cards for my friends and family during the holiday season. Will I now earn Muse Points on that purchase too?

No. Because our special offers are so great as they are, we can’t offer Muse points with them.

Anything else I should know?

Yes! Some purchases may not earn points. We reserve the right to terminate or modify the Muse Points program at any time. Participation is automatic, but there is no obligation on your part. We want to thank you for your continued patronage!