Holistic Services 


Reiki is a Japanese therapy technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Energy, also known as Ki, Prana or Chi, flows from the practioner's hands to help boost the natural healing process. Reiki treats not just the body, but emotions, mind and spirit. 

30 Minutes | $65
member price $52

60 Minutes | $95
member price $76

Reiki Massage

East meets West when we combine our Swedish Massage with the healing energies of Reiki.

60 Minutes | $105
member price $84

90 Minutes | $145
member price $116

Holistic Services - Independent Contractors

In addition to our full time staff of fantastic massage therapists and aestheticians, The Urban Muse is a regular host to a number of incredible holistic service contractors. Take a moment to look at this listing of some of our regular associates, and check back often for classes and other special visitors.



Chakra Tune-up

with Janet Hill, Intuitive Energy Facilitator

The session takes place with a client relaxed and fully clothed on a massage table. During this service the client receives a relaxing sound session complete with Chakra Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, an infusion of Reiki, and Crystalline Light Energy. Your body is your vehicle for your soul. There are seven major chakras in the body and they can become out of balance with everyday stress, weather changes, life experiences, etc. Chakra balancing techniques release negative energy from past injuries and stress, strengthens the immune system, and balances brain fog.  Bringing you to a feeling of bliss and relaxation.  This session is wonderful for caregivers as well as receivers.

 60 minute | $125

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Clairvoyance Readings

with Bill Bradly, Psychic Medium

Bill Bradley is a Psychic Medium who receives guidance, images and messages during his sessions. They assist as he attempts to remove the ‘mini-movies’ of energy he sees with startling clarity along with specific detailed information. Bill uses his Clairvoyance to read the energy of an illness, relationships, an outcome, a job offer or other life events etc. Bill has studied the Psychic arts and Mediumship for the past 13 years, was written up for an article on Healers in the Wall Street Journal and has a successful corporate career.  

60 min | $175
90 min | $225

You are welcome to record your sessions with Bill to retain all the information he will share with you.

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"Amazing Results!  My appointment was one month ago. Friends and family are asking me my secret. Didn't understand what they meant until yesterday, a co-worker asked if I had just returned from a vacation, stating, "You look relaxed, radiant, and lighter". I agree. Enjoying a brighter outlook on life. I'm not new to energy work, yet after experiencing Bill's unique energy clearing techniques, these are the most profound changes ever. Next time I'm booking a 90 minute session. Thank you Bill."
Janet - Netcong, NJ

Coaching with your Angels

with Rev. Denise Joy, Angelic Practitioner

Awaken your spiritual side. Connect with your Angels to overcome life’s obstacles. Receive guidance in the areas of health, family, love, finances and self-esteem. You will have the opportunity to feel their healing powers and nurturing qualities. Learn more about them, how to interpret their messages and how they will interact with you in every day life.

Denise Joy will guide you through this spiritual process as well as select angelic cards for specific situations. She will then interpret them for you to bring messages from the angelic realm.

Readings available every other Wednesday:

60 minute reading | $75
30 minute reading | $55

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This unique service will help you find the balance you need to live a full, content, happy, and healthy life. This is accomplished with a combination of the following:

Energy balancing - Utilizing a healing touch, intuition, and unique skill sets to facilitate the movement of energy through the aura and pathways of the body.
Integrated Energy Therapies- Clearing energy blocks that have accumulated from physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual trauma. When releasing these blocks, you will begin to feel more self-empowered, spiritually connected, and able to move through life more easily.
Laying on of Stones- using crystals and gemstones on the body for healing. A powerful method of cleansing negative energy, clearing and balancing the chakras, effecting emotional release, and bringing light and healing into all the auric bodies (the layers of your aura).

Holly is able to connect to, and emphatically feel your energy. Holly intuitively knows the appropriate stone(s) that will address your needs and assist you in awakening your personal power, bringing balance and abundance into your daily life. 

Available on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday each month:

60 Min | $98  

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Healing Aroma Touch

with Rev. Denise Joy

This 45 min. healing session combines aromatherapy, light massage therapy on the back, reflexology, and energy work. Essential oils are applied to the spine and feet in a precise sequence. The combination of these techniques can help to bring a deeper relaxation, can help with depression, reduce muscle tension, reduce pain and inflammation, and bring balance back to your mind, body and spirit.

45 min | $75

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Psychic Medium session

with Jamie Stowe, Psychic Medium

Jamie is a Psychic and Medium who can perceive what is in your energy field using her intuitive 5 senses. She is an Empath, which allows her to feel what is happening to her clients on an emotional or physical level.  She has the ability to communicate with spirit and to relay messages using an evidential style of Mediumship.

30 min | $100
45 min | $150

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Shamanic Harmony Fusion

An inspired fusion of gentle massage + reiki + shamanic healing treatments + meridian and chakra re-alignment, Master Massage Therapist and Shaman Denise expertly blends multiple healing modalities to create perfect harmony in her clients’ body heart mind and spirit.

Shamanic healing treatments may include: rose water healing therapy, aura cleansing with fresh herbs and a whole egg, Tibetan Singing Bowl sound medicine, rattle doctoring, medicine songs, and more. Whether your disharmony resides in your body, heart, mind, or spirit, Denise designs an inspired customized healing experience for her clients.

45 min | $100

100 min | $195

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Soul Readings

with Anna Lynette Kelly, known as The Soul Messenger

Soul Readings address healing for the whole being – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. Combining life information, channeled wisdom, and spiritual tools, Soul Readings give clients a mini road map to address and transform current life concerns and barriers into an elevated life.

Readings the first and third Monday of the month:

60 Minutes | $160

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