Holistic Practitioners

In addition to our full time staff of fantastic massage therapists and aestheticians, The Urban Muse is a regular host to a number of incredible holistic service contractors. Take a moment to look at this listing of some of our regular associates, and check back often for classes and other special visitors.  Check the events page for the most up-to-date upcoming holistic practitioner visits.

Jamie Stowe • Psychic Medium

Jamie is a Psychic and Medium who can perceive what is in your energy field using her intuitive 5 senses. She is an Empath, which allows her to feel what is happening to her clients on an emotional or physical level.  She has the ability to communicate with spirit and to relay messages using an evidential style of Mediumship.

Bill Bradley • Clairvoyant 

Bill Bradley is a Psychic Medium who receives guidance, images and messages during his sessions. They assist as he attempts to remove the ‘mini-movies’ of energy he sees with startling clarity along with specific detailed information. Bill uses his Clairvoyance to read the energy of an illness, relationships, an outcome, a job offer or other life events etc. Bill has studied the Psychic arts and Mediumship for the past 13 years, was written up for an article on Healers in the Wall Street Journal and has a successful corporate career.  

Holly Edge • Crystal channel

Holly is a Spiritual Healer and Crystal Channel. With a diverse and broad knowledge about people, spirit and earth, she is able to connect to, and empathically feel your energy. Through intuitive guidance she will determine crystals that will help to empower you and bring consciousness to other areas of improvement.
In 2012, Holly became a Reiki master and created her company “Stoned Intentions” which she used to make jewelry custom to the need s of people for inspiration and healing.
Through her unique connection with crystals and universal wisdoms, she feels she can awaken personal powers and bring balance back where it’s needed.

Rev. Denise Joy • Spiritual intuitive/Healer

Rev. Denise Joy is an Ordained Minister of the Universal life Church, Certified Angel Reader, Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. She has help hundreds of people find their inner wisdom and light. She is a published author who enjoys spreading the message of being our Authentic Self

Janet Hill • Intuitive Lightworker

Janet_head shot.jpg

Jersey Girl Magus returns to New Jersey after a decade of living in Sedona AZ, sharing her talents, abilities, and light for the highest and greatest good.

Initiations, Attunement, Ordination

  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • White Brotherhood of Light
  • Shaman Teacher of Munaki
  • Ama Deus Breathwork Practitioner I & II
  • Ordained Priest: Order of Melchezidek, Sanctuary of the Beloved, NY
  • Integrative Energy Therapy Practitioner I, II, & III (Angelic Healing)
  • ReikiSonics Practitioner (Sound Healing-Tuning Forks & Bowls)
  • Gaiadon Heart Practitioner
  • Jo Dunning’s Quick Pulse Practitioner

Reiki Infused Original Art painted items such as; Drums, Tote Bags, Jackets. Artwork and items created for healing, manifesting, and energy clearing.

  • Intuitive Artist, Designer, Space Clearing and Energetic Interior Decorating.
  • Sacred Seamstress. Ceremonial items created upon request. Robes, shawls, yoga bags, ceremony belts, mesa cloth, crystal bags, alter cloth, along with your imagination.

Anna Lynette Kelly • Soul Reader

Anna Lynette Kelly is a formally trained healer, psychic medium, and conscious channel of Divine wisdom who has been offering services since 2006. She facilitates workshops, classes, and individual sessions that aim to strengthen the connection of the material with the spiritual. Her unique way of sharing the wisdom of the Divine with individual clients are called Soul Messages, a process shown to her by Spirit. Soul Messages address present life conditions and offers opportunities for healing, release, growth and greater life fulfillment.

For many years, Anna Lynette has also been providing fundamental life guidance through a process called Soul Work; Divinely guided and customized spiritual exploration and healing that aims to release limiting beliefs and the impact they have on our lives. Ultimately, her passion is to reconnect people and their everyday experience with the Divine and to spread Light to the world by empowering others.

She is currently working on two projects that share channeled spiritual truths in different ways. One is an animated film that speaks to audiences of all ages and the other is a non-fictional book called the Inner Awe©.

Susan King • Intuitive Consultant

Healing, transformative, extraordinary, life changing - that best describes the work of one-of-a-kind Holistic Practitioner, Susan King, who has been helping people globally for over 25 years, bringing balance to their mind, body, spirit. She brings a unique service to the Health Wellness Community and has consulted with top brands, including her 16-year partnership with Como Hotels and Resorts.

Susan is well-known around the globe as a Master Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Emotional Healer, and Meditation Instructor. She is sought by many who are looking for clarity and peace of mind in the midst of chaos and confusion in their lives.

After just one session with Susan, her clients leave with a fresh new perspective on life, a deeper knowing of the truth of who they are, and newfound wisdom to support them in moving forward in making major life-changing decisions. Consult with her if you are confused, anxious, stressed, or not sure in which direction to go; are worried about your career path or your relationship with your partner (poor communication, infidelity, pain, anger); or looking to make major life changes. Her insights leave her clients in no doubt. A bespoke consultation that fits no other shoe, her gift of second sight is without doubt extraordinary!

Susan was featured in O Magazine. You can read the the story here. We are delighted to have her at our spa.

Sam Tso • Native American Healer

Sam Tso was born in 1963.  He was raised by his elders in an ancestral, remote area of Dinetah (Navajo Nation), Arizona.  He grew up with the medicine people in his family and learned their ways by living their ways.  While growing up he acquired many rare oral teachings and stories.  This made him the keeper of his family history.  Sam shares the oral teachings by story-telling throughout the United States at schools and to special interest groups.  As a translator for elder medicine people, Sam has spoken before United States Congressional Committees and the United Nations on the importance of maintaining Native American Spiritual Traditions.  He has served as a mentor at Prescott College in Arizona, is certified in Permaculture, is an alumni of the Flagstaff Leadership Program, is a traditional counselor at N.A.C.A. (Native American Community Action), volunteers for the Flagstaff Literacy Program, and was part of an award winning Learn and Serve Grant at Star School.  He is also part of the youth program, Pathways.