Having a massage at The Urban Muse is a unique experience that will keep you coming back for more. All massages are for the advertised full service length. Unlike most spas, which offer a ‘Spa Hour' that is only 50 minutes, The Urban Muse massages are a full 60 minutes. That is 20% more time for the same cost as our competitors. In addition, we allow up to 15 minutes between each appointment to ensure that clients enjoy their treatments in a relaxed environment.

We believe in privacy and intimacy so we do not have locker rooms, instead you change and dress in your service room, a luxury other spas can’t afford since their services are back to back.

Also, our massages offer several additional amenities at no cost to you. These include warm hot packs, scented eye pillows, warm towels on the feet, and your choice of two different scented lotions. It is because of our attention to detail that we are consistently voted "Best Day Spa in New Jersey."


A gentle massage that uses long sweeping motions to ease stress and bring about relaxation.

30 Minutes | $70
60 Minutes | $105
90 Minutes | $145

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The Muse Massage 

A signature service beginning with our unique 60 minute Surrender massage, and concluding with a 15 minute add-on massage for targeted areas.

 75 Minutes | $128

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An intuitive blend that is tailored to your needs. This massage may include elements of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology or other techniques to your service.

30 Minutes | $75
60 Minutes | $110
90 Minutes | $150 

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Deep Tissue

An intense massage that releases muscle tension and restores vital energy flow.

30 Minutes | $85
60 Minutes | 
90 Minutes | 

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An ancient art that uses aromatic essences to enrich the healing power of massage.

60 Minutes | $115
90 Minutes | $160 

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A nurturing massage for expectant mothers to relieve pressure on the lower back, legs and feet. (Massage cannot be performed in the first trimester.)

 60 Minutes | $105

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Hot Stone

Heated river stones are used to knead tired muscles and balance the body's energy centers.

90 Minutes | $170 

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A Touch of Stone

Indulge in this Surender Massage customized to your liking with the addition of a few warm stones for those troublesome tight spots.

60 Minutes | $125
90 Minutes | $165

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Scalp or Foot Massage Add-On

When you need that extra pampering, add an extra half hour for either your scalp or feet onto any of our services.

30 Minute Add-on | $45 

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Acupressure points on the feet are stimulated to energize and relax the body.

30 Minutes | $70
60 Minutes | $105
30 Minute add-on | $45

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Reiki Massage

East meets West when we combine our Swedish Massage with the healing energies of Reiki.

60 Minutes | $105
90 Minutes | $145 

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Reiki is a Japanese therapy technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Energy, also known as Ki, Prana or Chi, flows from the practitioner's hands to help boost the natural healing process. Reiki treats not just the body, but emotions, mind and spirit. 

30 Minutes | $65
60 Minutes | $95 

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A Shiatsu session is a dynamic interchange of energy on many different levels. This technique stimulates the natural healing power stored in the body; accordingly, symptoms of disease will lessen and vitality will be regained.

60 Minutes | $112
90 Minutes | $145 

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Thai Massage*

Thai Massage uses passive stretching, rhythmic compressions and joint manipulation to improve flexibility and mobility to create deep relaxation.

60 Minutes | $112
90 Minutes | $145 

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*Clients are asked to wear loose, comfortable and lightweight clothing (pants & shirt with longer short sleeves, as one would wear for yoga).  Please refrain from eating just prior to the service. These treatments are traditionally performed on a thick mat on the floor.  The number of sessions recommended for any one individual depends on his or her particular needs.