With the exception of the Express and Teen Facials, all of our Spa Facials are 75 minutes long. We use only the most exceptional products to exfoliate, cleanse and nourish the skin. We begin each service with a facial cleansing. We then exfoliate and tonify the skin. While you steam we incorporate a pressure point massage of the face, followed by tool-free extractions. Then a customized mask is artfully applied. While it detoxifies and purifies, a hand and foot massage is given by your Aesthetician.

Circadia Facials

Enzyme Facial

Oxygen Cocoa Treatment

Customized to your face's needs, whether you are looking to help calm irritated, inflamed skin, lighten and brighten skin that is tired or dull, or refresh mature or sun-damaged skin. Cocoa, raspberry, or zymase enzymes will help to resurface and remove keratin buildup. A wonderful facial to maintain healthy skin for years to come using nature's technology.

75 minutes | $130

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Detoxify and renew your skin's natural "glow" with our divine oxygenating facial. In this 75 minute service, layers of product and environmental buildup are removed with the aid of cocoa enzymes to bring light and brightness back to the skin. Oxygen then restores skin to promote healthy cell growth. Ideal for all skin types, especially those with acne, rosacea, and sensitive skin.

75 minutes | $190

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This mini facial beautifies all skin types with an aromatic steaming, massage, exfoliation and moisturizing treatment.

30 Minutes | $65 

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Gentlemen’s Facial

A facial specifically formulated for men. Plant extracts from the Australian Aborigines soothes the irritating effects of shaving and protect against ingrown hairs. A cocktail of lemon myrtle, aloe vera, clove and grass lily is used to combat harsh abrasives and moisturize the skin.

75 Minutes | $135 

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Hylunia Facials


This facial inspires teenagers to begin caring for their skin. It offers a personalized prescription for maintaining a healthy complexion and techniques to combat dry, blotchy or acne prone skin. 18 and younger

45 Minutes | $100 

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Organic Renewal

This all-natural facial is outstanding for exfoliating the skin and stimulating collagen production. The purest essential oils are blended specifically for each skin type and help to refine tone and texture. Good for all skin types.

75 Minutes | $120

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Decleor FAcials


Normal skin is cleansed with a luxurious blend of botanical extracts. This treatment includes an exfoliation and a revitalizing mask. An oriental massage of the face and neck improves the absorption of essential nutrients to create a radiant complexion. Chamomile, rosemary and bergamot waters nourish and protect the skin.

75 Minutes | $120 

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This illuminating facial helps reduce hyper-pigmentation of the skin. It evens out discoloration with a purifying mask made with Japanese mulberry extract.

75 min | $148

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Oily and combination skin is deeply cleansed with an antibacterial complex. This treatment includes a refining polish made from ylang-ylang, tangerine and walnut shells. A balancing mask absorbs excess sebum while an Oriental massage relaxes the neck and shoulders. Skin appears clearer with a luminous glow.

75 Minutes | $148 

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Sensitive skin is nurtured with a soothing blend of plant extracts. This facial includes a gentle polish followed by a hydrating mask that calms redness and irritation. A pressure point massage of the face and neck decongests reactive skin. Lavender, wild rosemary and Roman chamomile are used in a neutralizing cream to restore harmony.

75 Minutes | $148 

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Back Treatment

A deep cleansing treatment to remove blemishes from hard-to reach areas. First the back is exfoliated, followed by an herbal steam to open pores. A clay mask infused with cedarwood oil is then applied to draw impurities from the skin. The back treatment ends with a tonifying lotion applied to prevent infections and to leave skin feeling smooth.

60 Minutes | $120 

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Facial add-ons

Collagen Lip Treatment*

This treatment deeply hydrates and tightens the skin around the lips smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

$15  *Facial add-on only

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Collagen Eye Treatment

Diminish the signs of aging with a marine collagen application. This treatment deeply hydrates and tightens the skin around the eyes while alleviating dark circles and puffiness.

$40 | 30 minutes
$25 | or facial add-on

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